Dark Goddess

Welcome to my oldest project, Dark Goddess, first book of the Goddess Quartet, a dark fantasy series that I’ve had in my head for years and am finally getting serious about completing. As I move through my peer workshops and writing courses (because there is ALWAYS something to learn), I am amazed by the depths of these of characters.

Although, since they won’t let me sleep well at night maybe I shouldn’t be surprised? Anyway, I am super excited to take you all on this journey with me. We’ll explore character sketches, concept art for regional and continental maps, bestiary entries, mythology and lore, and so much more! (Look ma! I rhymed!) Please be patient with me at first, friends, as “Projects” is a new fun thing for me to learn!

If you have helpful experience or tips please feel free to let us know in the comments as I post things about the features OR email me at meshellefae@gmail.com because I love when y’all keep in touch! Maybe we’ll do a tutorial post on it later? Ok…that’s all.

Much love to you fellow pirate mermaids!