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Pirate Mermaid: 101

MéShelle Fae is an overindulged millennial born in Atlanta, GA. She’s a daughter of the American South and currently lives in Charleston, SC with her husband and an overactive imagination. MéShelle is a Baltimore Science Fiction Society’s 2018 Balticon Poetry Contest Honorable Mention. She is also the author of the forthcoming Goddess Quartet series. Her work has been published in “Fiction Southeast” and the “South 85 Journal.” She loves Disney, comic-book films, and anime. Her passions for teaching and collaboration led to her blog ( for writers to hone their craft and share tips as a community.

A writer and a poet, MéShelle writes for the nerds, has-beens, geeks, almost were’s, weirdos, and defects. She writes to tell our stories and deliver our truth… with a magical touch.

Personal Note:

So, let’s be honest. Writing is hard. It’s also some of the most rewarding, exciting, challenging work that a person can do because it calls so much of the inner self to the forefront. A good writer has to be able to take critique. A [great] writer has to be able to know when to scrap a project and start over. A good writer has to be able to tell a story. A great writer has to make their audience believe it.

This is my passion. It feels like it always has been on some level, but it just took me a long time to get here. That’s why I can help you. Along the way, I made plenty of mistakes, met a lot of awesome and successful writers and editors, and took the big leaps! Now, I have my dream career as an educator, a published poet, an actress, and a community mentor and advocate. Also, I’ll be officially publishing my first full-length book of poetry this summer. And I write this blog. So we can share in this journey together.

Mentorship in all forms is my passion, so please know that I will do my utmost to help you succeed and connect you to the people and resources that will get you there. I know your joys in this craft and your sorrows. I’ve been there. I’m still growing through them. My goal is that we build a community that learns, shares, and grows through this thing we call “writing” together. Please take the time to introduce yourself in the comments, join the mailing list, and check out some of the features as we continue to build the dream together.

I’ll start:

  • I love Disney.
  • I love comic books.
  • I love comic book-based movies & films.
  • I love teaching.
  • I love reading.
  • I love writing.