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Book Progression Update: “A Memoir”

We are OFFICIALLY nearing the halfway point my friends! Thank you so much for your love and support on this amazing journey towards the publication of my FIRST poetry collection. Without your continued support and encouragement, this would have taken so much longer. This community has truly been an invaluable resource!

Thank you.

Please remember that [great] writers surround themselves with positive voices and honest colleagues. No writer is an island!

For those of you who are new and don’t know, “A Memoir: Life in Poetry,” is my first full-length collection of poems. These pieces were all carefully chosen, or specifically written, for this collection. It truly is the details of my life, as I saw and experienced and processed it, through the poetic form. This collection was not always easy to write. As I told you in my previous post: Writing about the past can be very painful and uncomfortable. But, it allows us to open doors and let the light shine instead of choosing to sit in cold darkness.

Don’t be afraid to open old wounds as you explore your work, whether it’s fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or anything else in between. The more you endeavor to pour out, the more you’ll get in return. And the more your readers will get as well.

The healing power of writing this book has been phenomenal. I pray that, as you write your own stories, you allow the singular truths and foundational experiences of your past to roll through you into the text in such a way that it not only brings peace to your inner being but also solace and solidarity to the inner being of those reading it. I wrote in my preface that:

A memoir is best defined as a collection of memories that have enough bearing on a life to necessitate passing on a physical record. Memoirs oftentimes have more impact than autobiographies because of their brevity and poignancy. The most worthwhile experiences of a life compiled into an overarching message anthologized into a single theme that defines the writer or their unique experience…

Except, I think of it, not as a collection of memories, as much as a collection of moments. I make this distinction since not every poem I’ve written springs from a complete memory or story. Some of them come from simple moments in time when a thought or realization came to me or from a coming together of several moments all at once. Besides, it is my firm belief that life is not lived from day to day or memory to memory, but, in its simplest form, from moment to moment.

I hope you enjoy the journey of these moments with me. To celebrate how close we are to the finish line, I’m going to include one never-before-published piece from my new collection, “A Memoir: Life in Poetry,” which is set to release this Summer 2019!


the graveyard is my favorite place

the graveyard is my favorite place.
the finish line, the end of the race.
it holds no lies, no deceit.
it’s where we all must one day meet.

only here will enemies find their peace together.
only here will men lie in equal weight and measure.
only here will differences not cause strife.
here is where most men will celebrate their life.

the graveyard is my favorite place.
though it knows no language, it speaks of grace.

©2018 by MéShelle Fae


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