“Children of Blood and Bone” – A Review

For all [great] writers, we are taught to write the books we want to read. Tomi Adeyemi has written the book we didn’t know we wanted THIS badly.

What Disney & Marvel’s “Black Panther” Means for Marginalized Voices

If you’re a writer or creative talent from a marginalized community, thank the creators and talent of this amazing film for blowing a whole in a door that we’ve been wedging open gently for decades.

How [Great] Writers Read Differently Than You

A writer’s greatest tool is reading. That’s the first way we learn what we like and what we don’t. So let’s talk about how [great] writers read.

5 Steps to Better World Building

There’s something so captivating about a fictional setting that lulls you into submission. However, there’s also something so disappointing about a world that’s unfortunately “beyond belief.”

The Rape of ‘Wonder Woman’

You think of her as strong. resilient. untouchable.

But – she was touched. She was hurt. She was violated.

And for the first time – the very first time – you think, just maybe, “Wonder Woman” can lose. Wonder Woman is fallible; Wonder Woman is broken.